Child Health

Derbyshire Healthcare Support

The 0-19 service provides a programme of prevention and early intervention services for children, young people and their families in Derbyshire.

Telephone: 01246 296 023

Mobile: 07825 124 717



Vaccination planner

One of the best ways to protect your baby against diseases like measles, rubella, tetanus and meningitis is through immunisation. This highlights the dates your child needs to have their vaccinations by.


Young Carer Awareness

A Young Carer is someone who helps to care for a family member, including a sibling, who has a physical disability or mental illness.

What sort of things might a young carer do?

  • Practical tasks, such as cooking, housework and shopping.
  • Physical care, such as helping someone out of bed.
  • Emotional support, such as talking to someone who is distressed.
  • Personal care, such as helping someone dress.
  • Managing the family budget and collecting prescriptions.
  • Help to administer medicine.
  • Helping someone communicate.
  • Looking after brothers and sisters.

To find out more about Young Carers and the Young Carers Service visit:

Facebook: Derbyshire Carers Association Young Carers Service

Find us on Instagram: @youngcarersderbys

Young Carer Awareness poster (PDF)

The Children's Sleep Charity

The Children’s Sleep Charity is a national, award-winning charity supporting children with sleep issues. Support for families and accredited training for professionals and commercial organisations is provided.

Telephone: 01302 751 416

Facebook: @TheChildrensSleepCharity 

Twitter: @TheSleepCharity



Childhood illness visual guide

Use this visual guide to help you identify common conditions and illnesses that may affect your child. Includes conditions such as measles, slapped cheek syndrome, chicken pox and warts.